After a year and a half hiatus…

I’m gonna give blogging another shot! Maybe I’m just bored and/or procrastinating this weekend… It is what it is. So keep checking back for the latest ramblings of ZachYak, or follow me on twitter and get updates that way —

Fishing has been a little slow for me this last year. Too much work and not enough play makes me lame.

But here’s some of the highlights:

Got the little bro on some fish out of the kayak:

Crossed Redeye off my B.A.S.S. Slam list:

Got in a GON Article/kinda crossed smallmouth off my B.A.S.S. Slam list (I caught it from a stink pot then just posed, I want to take them all from the yak with artificials):

Started fly fishing and fly tying. Got alot of work to do on both — this is all I have to show from that:

I’m really looking forward to 2011! Got a bunch of tournaments lined up and the water is calling my name!

One Response to “After a year and a half hiatus…”
  1. Pam says:

    Glad you finished your writing vacation!

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