California has some funny looking bass

So I had my Spring Break last week and headed to So Cal to with my uncle and his family.

I wasn’t planning on doing any fishing, but luckily for me Skaughty got some guys to pitch in for me to take a trip with one of the founders of our sport Jim Sammons!

So Friday the 18th I set out to the San Diego Bay with the target of Spotted bay bass, sand bass and halibut.

Was greeted with this awesome sunrise:

Jim set me up with a 3/8 oz jig and a curly tail grub with proved to be simple but deadly lure. We launched right before high tide and it took my a little bit to get used to the technique, but within an hour we had enough current to get the fish biting and I managed a slam within 30 minutes of my first fish on!

First blood: Spotted bay bass

Species #2: Sand bass

Species #3: Halibut (about 10″ too short for a keeper and a nice meal!)

After these fish all I caught were Spotties. Here was my biggest measuring in at 14″

In all I landed 13 fish an missed easily twice as many. On a good drift you’d land a fish or at least get bit 4 or 5 times in a row! The technique is very finesse. Toss your jig out as far as you can, let some line out so it gets to the bottom, bring it back in as slow as the current with let you. When the bite was slow, Gulp! trailers helped a lot, but when the bite was on it didn’t seem to matter.

Here’s some shots of the bay:

This guy made the Lanier house boats look like kayaks.

You can see Jim in the foreground for reference:

One of the dozens of Jim’s hookups:

It was a fantastic trip from start to finish. It was awesome to fish with one of our sport’s legends he is seriously a wealth of knowledge and has no shortage of fishing tales from around the world. The fast fishing action was just a bonus.

I’m truly humbled by all of you who made this happen for me. Thank you is not nearly enough! GKF rocks!!!

One Response to “California has some funny looking bass”
  1. Hook Ideas says:

    Well done Zach! You can’t get a better teacher, and you’ve obviously got the fishing chops to pick up the finesse technique quickly. We spend a lot of time in Newport Harbor doing exactly what you were doing in San Diego. I’ve never personally fished SD, but after reading your report, I’m gonna give it a try.

    Thanks again for the support of my blog. I’m stoked to have another kayak fishing pal.

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