Weekender with little bro

Camped and fish out of High Falls State park with my little brother, Bart (Mechanix) and Doug (TheRiddler) for a little bit.

Zane and I got to the park before noon on Friday, set up camp and headed to the lake to re-acquaint Zane with the kayak.  I quickly remembered how bad an idea exposed hooks and kids in a kayak are.  No person got hooked, but nearly every bush, dock and piece of gear did.  I set him up with some weedless soft plastic after that and he was good to go.

I called up Doug who lives nearby and he invite us to come fish some private water with him.  Bart met us there shortly after, the fishing was hot!

Pretty quickly we got into some panfish.  My biggest bream went 8″, which I thought was enough for kayak wars… turns out they have to go 9.  Pretty fun on a fly rod though!

The small, protected water was perfect for Zane to get more confidence paddling.

and the unpressured fish were very cooperative as well.  Doug got onto a good pattern with a Texas Rigged lizzard and after catching a few himself,  he patiently got Zane set up with the rig and walked him through where to cast it to catch a big one.  Zane ended up fighting and missing two fish and bringing this one to hand.  It was his FIRST ever bass from the kayak!  It went over 14″ and put up an awesome fight with his ultralight with 6# line!!

It started to get dark and we were on our last couple casts when Doug got rewarded for his good fishing karma.  This 5 lb 12oz largemouth engulfed his lizard and took him for a ride!

This pic doesn’t do the fish justice…  Doug has some better shots on his camera, but here it is on the measuring board.

After that we decided to end on a great note and packed it up.

Saturday we hit the river.  Fishing was slow, Zane and I only managed this dink of a Largie on a zoom craw

Bart caught a couple largemouth as well but the Shoalies escaped us both (Bart did catch an estimated 6# that night at the lake too).  The float was great for Zane, after the first set of pretty large rapids, its smooth sailing with some really light shoals that kept things fun when the fish weren’t biting.  Just remember to pack lunch and you can make your day last a lot longer than we did!

I’ve got some videos i’ll upload tomorrow of Zane in this first “white water experience” and me attempting to run this with a Tarpon 140 haha!

All in all it was a great trip, I think everyone had a great time!  The silver lining to not catching a shoalie is we get to go try it again!!

6 Responses to “Weekender with little bro”
  1. Drew Haerer says:

    Looks like a blast! There is nothing better than getting on the water with friends and family!

  2. Matt says:

    Great photos! It looks like a great time was had by all. I’m looking into kayak fishing and I came across your site. I live less than 2 miles from a lake and I think a kayak would be perfect for getting into the hard to reach fishing spots.

  3. vicki says:

    I am in the market for a fishing kayak. I have no experience fishing out of a kayak but live on the Apalachee and want to experience the river more. I am a 66 year old woman and want a kayak I will feel secure in and can handle by myself. I have looked at a 10 ft. Old Town that is a sit in. I had thought I wanted a sit on but this one looks stable and comfortable. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Zach Yurchuck says:

      The green kayak my little brother is on is for sale for $300, and its a great kayak!

      Check your email for more details!

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