My weekend at Big Lazar

This weekend I got the opportunity to run down to Talbot County, GA to take part in Henry Jackson of Flint River Kayak Fishing‘s first kayak fishing tournament at Big Lazar WMA.  This was the first live stop on the 2011 GKF Tournament Trail and I had a blast!


I headed down south Friday AM and hit the river for an hour before the Captain’s meeting.  No success to report of, missed a few hits on a Texas rigged Zoom Craw lure including a solid fish that wrapped me up in his blow down.  After that I met up with Henry and we headed to the lake to start the Captain’s meeting.


Talbotton survived the storm with very little damage and the river was still in good shape, but I decided to fish the lake for the tournament so I could for sure make the weigh-in (which I was setting up and Henry was judging).

My game plan was, catch a bream on the fly rod (there was a fly division in this tournament), all the while troll a hard bait to try to pick up a bass, then use the bream as cut bait for catfish.

The weather was calm at first and I was throwing some Chernobyl ants on the long rod to try and get a bream.  I missed a few fish but was actually really surprised at the lack of aggressive fish.  I was also surprised by the huge amount of wood cover on the lake, trolling hardbaits turned out to not be a very effective technique in the part of the lake I was fishing, so my game plan was definitely thrown for a loop.

By 11 or so the wind was howling, I’m talking sustained 20 mph and gusts up to 30!  I managed to pick up a bream working a small wind break with a rooster tail, so I was satisfied with that.

Around 12 I took a little lunch break back at tournament HQ to make sure I wasn’t needed for anything, then I headed back out to the lake in search of bass and cats!

The wind was a killer, luckily my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 made quick work of it!  I was able to work a few more wind breaks with a deep diving crank bait and shakey head worm.  The shakey head paid off with this little guy.

I’ve found one of the keys to fishing heavy wind is anchoring yourself directly in it and working any large object (an island in this case) that would give the bass a “current break” to ambush fish from.   The hardest part of that is anchoring yourself.  Luckily for me I was able to tie the stringer I was using for my bream to a piece of standing timber and remain totally anchored in spite of high winds.

After catching that fish I was running out of time to get to the weigh-in so I found a protected cove from the wind and drowned some cut-bream to no avail.

I was pretty happy with catching two fish, but seeing old friends and making alot of new ones made the tournament worth while!  Check out the full report for tournament here:

The next day Henry and I planned to stalk some skinny water shoal bass with the fly rods.  So we head home, tied up some Stealth Bombers and passed out!


Sunday Henry took me to some of his secret hike in holes and we harassed some fish!  After alot of missed bite from bream and bass Henry brought this little fella to hand.

Shortly after I managed to pull this pretty guy in!  My first shoalie of 2011 and my first bass on the fly ever!

We missed a few more fish throughout the day, but by the end of the trip we were both beat so we headed home.  The wind burn on my face and sun burn on my feet keep reminding me of one awesome weekend.  The fish may have been small but the experience was huge!

2 Responses to “My weekend at Big Lazar”
  1. Drew Haerer says:

    Looks like fun and congrats on your first shoalie on the fly! I can’t wait for the ATL and Columbus stops on the RiverBassin Trail this summer. Hopefully I can catch my first shoalie. Are you thinking of fishing those?

    • Zach Yurchuck says:

      You should definitely be able to get on some then! I’m hoping to fish at both, at the very least i’ll be at both!

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