My name is Zach, I’m 19 years old and I’m addicted to kayak fishing.

I first began fishing when I was 17, a trip to a neighborhood pond on the weekend here, hit the river for a few casts there.  No big deal, no one was getting hurt.

Then in the fall of ’08 I bought a kayak.

Shortly after I began my downward spiral.  I  started learning from others in online kayak fishing communities, subscribing to magazines, buying more gear, driving all across the state just to fish a tournament or catch a new fish I hadn’t before.

Soon enough I was getting spreading my addiction to those around me.  My best friend and his dad have kayaks, my little brother fishes out of a kayak… heck I’ve even taken soldiers and people with special needs kayak fishing.  Honestly, I’m out of control.

Stay tuned to this blog and see where my addiction takes me next!


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