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My weekend at Big Lazar

This weekend I got the opportunity to run down to Talbot County, GA to take part in Henry Jackson of Flint River Kayak Fishing‘s first kayak fishing tournament at Big Lazar WMA.  This was the first live stop on the 2011 GKF Tournament Trail and I had a blast! Friday I headed down south Friday … Continue reading

Weekender with little bro

Camped and fish out of High Falls State park with my little brother, Bart (Mechanix) and Doug (TheRiddler) for a little bit. Zane and I got to the park before noon on Friday, set up camp and headed to the lake to re-acquaint Zane with the kayak.  I quickly remembered how bad an idea exposed … Continue reading

Tough conditions, great fishing

Hit the lake with ErikD from GON. He’s a stinkpot guy and wanted to give yak fishing a try so we decided Bear Creek would be a good place to start. Forecast was calling for 15 mph winds (which was correct if you don’t count the near constant 25 mph gusts). We all know wind … Continue reading

California has some funny looking bass

So I had my Spring Break last week and headed to So Cal to with my uncle and his family. I wasn’t planning on doing any fishing, but luckily for me Skaughty got some guys to pitch in for me to take a trip with one of the founders of our sport Jim Sammons! So … Continue reading

Kayaking adventures and the Go Fish Georgia Center

We’ve had some AMAZING weather in Georgia last week. Got to make it out twice here in Athens, sadly no fish to report of… Missed a decent fish at Bear Creek on the 16th, not even a nibble on the river the next Friday. Saturday GKFF hosted a kayak fishing seminar at the Go Fish … Continue reading

After a year and a half hiatus…

I’m gonna give blogging another shot! Maybe I’m just bored and/or procrastinating this weekend… It is what it is. So keep checking back for the latest ramblings of ZachYak, or follow me on twitter and get updates that way — http://www.twitter.com/ZachYak Fishing has been a little slow for me this last year. Too much work … Continue reading

Finally another upgrade!

The rain let up here in Georgia so I hit my local trolling motor only lake. Fished my way over to my sweet spot then sure enough… first cast I got hooked up with this nice Largie, my personal best at that! Thanks for visiting!

GOYAK Tournament prefishing/ paddling report

Caught a personal best spotted bass Friday while pre-fishing for the Lanier Tournament. The spot measured in at 16.5″ but if you take a close look you’ll notice I started measuring about an inch down the fish so for my own personal use I’m calling it 17″ hahaha. Check out how it ANNIHILATED my buzzbait … Continue reading

Birthday Bassin’

Didn’t catch anything new for the slam, but the Lake Gods gave me some topwater action for my 18th birthday while scouting Lake Lanier for the upcoming GOYAK Memorial Tournament i’ll take a foot long spot on topwater any day!